Castello di Mussomeli, Mussomeli (CL), Sicilia, Italy

Also called Chiaramontano or Manfredonico, the castle was built with the strategic and political aims by Manfredi III of Chiaramontano around the year 1370.
Castello di Mussomeli - Caltanissetta, Sicilia The castle followed the fate of the nearby borough suburb below the mountain of San Vito, and therefore was a fiefdom of the Moncada barons, the De Prades, Castellar, Campo and finally the Lancia lords from 1549 to 1812.

In its present form the castle, characteristically surrounded by merlon walls up embellished by double lancet windows and a square massive tower, is the result of works that went on from the 15th to the 17th century. Inside there are a fine decorated portal, frescos, the room of the barons, the underground chambers and the Sala delle Tre Donne (room of the three ladies), so called for the legend that says of three beautiful sisters, who were walled there alive by their jealous brother.