Castello Normanno Svevo, Bari (BA), Puglia, Italy

Built in 1132 by the founder of the Kingdom of Sicily, Norman king Ruggero II, as a control point on the city of Bari.
Castello Normanno Svevo Bari Puglia The citizens repeatedly attacked the castle, and in 1156 during a reprisal by Guglielmo I the city of Bari was destroyed. Later under the Anjou and Aragonese the castle was transformed, and in the 16th century a powerful, massive circle of walls was erected all around to withstand cannons and fire weapons. Used in the following centuries as a military base and prison, it is now the seat of the Art Offices (Beni Ambientali, Architettonici, Artistici e Storici) for Apulia.

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