Castello di Ivrea, Ivrea (TO), Piemonte, Italy

Building started in 1358 by order of Count Amedeo VI Savoy, to defend the Savoy territory against the claims of other lords, in a strategic position in the highest part of the city, when the area of Ivrea (called Canavese), was troubled by the struggles between the lords of Valperga and those of Saint Martino, who sided with the Savoy.
Castello di Ivrea - Torino, Piemonte When peace was restored the castle became a refined residence, and there lived the duchesses of the House of Savoy, who favored the development of culture and arts. During the 16th century the area was againdevastated by the French-Spanish wars and the castle was turned from a rich abode into a military garrison, and in the 18th century was furtherly transformed into a prison, then was closed in 1970. At last in 1994 the Italian state gave it to the town council and now the castle is open to the public in many occasions.

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