Photos of places in Lazio

Lazio in Italy
Lazio, also known as Latium, is a region in west central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the heart of Italy, the center of political life thanks to the presence of Rome, the Catholic world center since there is the Vatican, a favorite destination of tourism for the innumerable monuments of the Roman civilization.
Apart from the area of Rome, the rest of the territory is mostly plain and hills, with mountains in the area of Rieti such as Monte Terminillo (2213 m), and in the north an area of lower mountains of volcanic origins, in whose craters many beautiful lakes took origin. There are also agricultural areas in the Campagna di Roma and the Pontine Marshes, where sheep and cattle are raised and vegetables, fruit, grain, and cotton are grown. Cultivation of grapes produces the exquisite wines of the "Castelli Romani".