How to make Italian coffee

Coffee is a rite, and preparing it is a true art with its own rules, first of all the traditional three C's: "comodo , carico e caldo" (cozy, strong, hot), or, in Neapolitan slang, "comm' ca** coce" (wow, it's ****** hot).

The tradition in Southern Italy

Having coffee
Especially in the south, coffee was not a mere caffeine intake to start the day or take a break, but a time for companionship, with friends or families waiting together for the beverage to be ready, with its unique Italian flavour spreading in the air.

There are two main different methods of making an Italian coffee at home, using two archetypal coffeepots: the Napoletana and the Moka, and each has its rules and "secrets" to make a perfect beverage.

The Neapolitan pot

The Neapolitan pot
Instructions and secrets on making coffee with the old traditional flip coffee pot.

The Moka (Bialetti) pot

The Moka pot
How to make coffee with a moka express, the invention patented by Alfonso Bialetti.