A Xmas coloring book

Here are drawings that can be downloaded, and collected in a small booklet for your children or grandchildren. When you click on a small colour picture you'll be taken to he big black and white original, which you can save to a directory on your hard disk [right-click on the image and choose "Save image as" - on some browsers click on the + zoom to get the image in the larger size].
The big images are black and white (2-color gifs), so if you want to color them with a graphic software, you will have to change them (for example in Paint Shop Pro you should choose Colors from the menubar, then Increase color depth and finally 16 million colors) and save again as Windows bmp or any format you like. Alternatively, just to color with crayons or watercolors, you can print directly from your browser or save the image, resize it to your needs from any graphic software and print; or you can right-click on the image and choose "copy" and then paste inside a page of your text editor.

Winter view
Click to get to big image
Abruzzo wildlife

Mountain landscape

Costume from Gioia dei Marsi
Click to get to big image
Traditional costume

Costume from Scanno
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Santa Claus coming