Traditions and Events in Italy

In this section Italian traditions and events, most of them repeated each year or periodically, are classified by date, category or region.

Categories of Traditions and Events


Food and Drinks

Recent Events and News

  • April 19th - June 24th 2015: Exposition of the Holy Shroud, Turin Cathedral. A Mass is to be celebrated in Piazza Vittorio, Turin, by Pope Francis on Sunday 21 June, at 10:45 (pass required, must be booked by 15 May 2015 at http://www.sindone.org)
  • May 1st - October 31st 2015: Expo 2015 - the next Universal Exposition after Expo 2012, hosted by Milan, Italy. It is the second time Milan hosts the exposition, the first was in 1906.
  • Spring 2014: The Riace bronzes are back
  • 27 April 2014: the Canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II
  • 2013 - Elections in Italy: the Italian electoral system and the elections of February 2013
  • 28 Aug 2010 - The Times, The pilgrim path to Rome, 75 days on foot, by Brian Mooney (subscribers only) - features a walking itinerary along the Via Francigena.
  • 21 Aug 2010 - The Independent, The Big Six: Italian island retreats, by Aoife O'Riordain: Six luxury hotels in Capri, Taormina, Salina, Capo Spartivento, Torcello Pantelleria.
  • 2010 Venice Film Festival67th Venice Film Festival, Lido di Venezia, 1-11 September 2010
  • 28 June 2010 - Daily Mail, Best of Italy's art cities: Florence, Pisa, Naples, Rome, Milan and Genoa, by Marina Fiorato: «My novel "The Botticelli Secret" is a detective story that travels through the most beautiful cities of Renaissance Italy. At its heart is Botticelli's famous painting Primavera, which hangs in Florence's Uffizi Gallery. Does the painting conceal an extraordinary mystery?»