C.A.P. (Zip Codes) for Brescia, addresses starting with E

The city of Brescia is divided into "zone postali", that is the Italian Zip Code, or C.A.P. (Codice Avviamento Postale), changes according to street and sometimes number as well.
address format
The alphabetical list here provided gives the three basic details necessary to write a correct normalized Italian mailing address. In this page find the CAP (Zip code) for addresses in the Comune of Brescia starting for E (excluding the words Via, Viale, Strada, Piazza, Via del, and likewise).

Other addresses in the city of Brescia (escludere nella ricerca le parole Via, Viale, Strada, Piazza, Via del, e simili) starting for:

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More info on:

  • 25121 Einaudi Luigi (Via)
  • 25124 Elba (Via)
  • 25125 Emilia (Via)
  • 25125 Ercoliani Lorenzo (Via)
  • 25127 Ercoli Luigi (Via)
  • 25126 Eritrea (Via)
  • 25123 Europa (Viale) numeri pari 2/42, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/15
  • 25133 Europa (Viale), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti)