C.A.P. (Postcodes) in Ancona

The city of Ancona is divided into postal zones, that is the CAP (Italian postcode) changes according to street and often even street number. This alphabetical list of addresses shows how to compile a normalized, correct address.


  • The words "Via", "Viale", "Strada", "Piazza", "Via del", etc., are not indexed, e.g.: Via della Liberazione is to be found as Liberazione (Via della).
  • With addresses entitled to a person, the surname comes before the name, e.g.: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi appears as Garibaldi Giuseppe (Via).
  • With addresses including a date, the number is to be found in letters, e.g., 25 Aprile appears as Venticinque Aprile.

Alphabetical List of Addresses in the city of Ancona

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