Italian zip codes for all localities

Thousands of Italian localities, though not being a comune, have their own Zip or postal code ("CAP" in Italian); the alphabetical list here provided gives the three basic details necessary to write a correct mailing address in the format as they must appear on normalized addresses.

Italian Zip Codes: Normalized Format

The last address line must show: the C.A.P (five digits), the locality in Italy, the two letters of the Italian province (which must NOT be included in brackets). There must not be any hyphens, underlinings, commas or other unnecessary punctuation.
address format
A second row (that MUST NOT be included in the mailing address) in our lists gives the Italian comune (in case the locality is not a commune itself) and the Italian province with a link to the province page. Smaller cities have one Zip code and are included in the alphabetical list.

Street Zip Codes in large cities

Zip Codes for Towns and Villages


[Ab] [Ac] [Ad] [Ala] [Ale] [Ama] [Ao] [Arg] [Asc] [Ava]


[Bac] [Bai] [Bar] [Bea] [Ber] [Bia] [Boa] [Bor] [Borgof] [Bou] [Bri] [Bu]


[Ca] [Cala] [Calo] [Camo] [Campom] [Cann] [Capo] [Cara] [Carm] [Casa] [Casam] [Castel] [Casteld] [Castell] [Castelp] [Castr] [Cave] [Cem] [Cer] [Ch] [Cia] [Cist] [Cocc] [Colleb] [Coma] [Cora] [Corti] [Cr] [Cu]

D, E, F

[Da] [Do-] [E] [Fa] [Fas] [Fi] [Fla] [Fo] [Fra]


[Ga] [Gam] [Ge] [Gi] [Gla] [Gra] [Gre] [Gua]

I, J, K, L

[Ia] [Ioa] [Ja-Kol] [Lab-Lag] [Lai-Las] [Lat-Laz] [Le] [Li] [Lo] [Lu]

N, O


W, X, Z