Romano d'Ezzelino, Province of Vicenza, Veneto

The town lies on the southern slopes of Monte Grappa, surrounded by hilly reliefs, and opening south towards the wide Venetian plain. The borough of Costalunga is located on the Grappa massif, Romano is between the hill slopes and the plain, while San Giacomo, Fellette and Sacro Cuore are in the plain.


  • Altitude: 132 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 14,200 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 36060
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0424
  • Patron Saint: Santa Maria della Purificazione, celebrated on 8 September
  • Demonym: romanotti
  • Frazioni and localities: Romano, Costalunga, Fellette, Sacro Cuore, San Giacomo

Demographics - Number of Inhabitants in Census Years

1861: n/a
1871: 2691
1881: 2874
1901: 3203
1911: 3802
1921: 4335
1931: 4371
1936: 4266
1951: 5010
1961: 5430
1971: 7221
1981: 10069
1991: 12184
2001: 13912
2011: 14484
2021: 14150


The name, originally it seems just "Romano" derives from a lord of the place, Ezzelino III, who had the toponym "da Romano" added to his name. Mount Grappa was the scene of bloody fighting during the First World War. The town was awarded the war cross for military valor for the sacrifices of its populations and the activity in the partisan struggle during the Second World War.

What to see

  • Remains of the ancient Ezzelini Castle on Colle Bastia, where medieval re-enactments are held every year during the event known as Palio di Romano.
  • The Ca' Cornaro, a 16th-century villa within a park, with two facades (one towards the park, the other on the courtyard); in the west wing there is a chapel built in 1720 and enlarged in 1772, with a facade characterized by two bell towers with onion domes, which preserves inside frescoes attributed to Giovanni Battista Canal.

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