Mussolente, Province of Vicenza, Veneto

The little town is along the border with the province of Treviso, 43 km from Vicenza, and includes the large borough of Casoni.


  • Altitude: 129 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 7500 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 36065
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0424
  • Patron Saint: Saints Peter and Paul celebrated on 29 June
  • Demonym: misquilesi
  • Frazioni (localities): Casoni

Demographics - Number of Inhabitants in Census Years

1861: n/a
1871: 2474
1881: 2646
1901: 2862
1911: 3415
1921: 3791
1931: 3781
1936: 3754
1951: 4182
1961: 4217
1971: 4733
1981: 5680
1991: 6059
2001: 6663
2011: 7653
2021: 7634

Genealogy & Links


The etymology of Mussolente is unclear, a likely theory is that it derived from "Misquilen", a toponym appearing on the sarcophagus of Gaius Vettonius of the Fabian tribe, found in the hamlet of St. Eulalia. There are traces of a settlement since the 1st century AD. Between the 11th and the 13th century it was linked to the events of the Ezzelini. During the First World War the Casoni airfield was an important operational base.

What to see

  • Many villas, among them Villa Nervi (renamed Negri Piovene), built in 1763 by architect Antonio Gaidon, with two porticoes and a central body on three floors, overlooking a large staircase surrounded by a park with garden.
  • The parish church of Mussolente dedicated to Saints Santi Pietro and Paolo, and the Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Acqua
  • In Casoni, the church of San Rocco and the Oratorio of Madonna di Fatima
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