Crocetta del Montello, Province of Treviso, Veneto

Situated on the right bank of the Piave river, north of the Montello mountains, amid the green Prealpi and Soligo hills, Crocetta had a remarkable groth in the early 20th century around a hemp mill built in 1882 along the Brentella canal. The remains of a Roman bridge found during the digging of the canal suggest that the place was inhabited also in Roman times, and the local people always lived on the sale of timber and mushrooms obtained from the Montello mountains.


  • Population: about 5700 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 31035
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0423
  • Frazioni & Localities: Ciano del Montello, La Castella, Nogarè, Ponte di Pietra, Santa Mamma.
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Provinces of Veneto

What to see

  • Municipal Museum of Natural History, with a collection of items from prehistory and Roman times.
  • The parish church at Ciano del Montello, with a painting by Jacopo il Giovane.
  • The parish church at Nogarè (1776), with an organ by the celebrated Tamburini from Crema.
  • Beautiful villas Sernagliotto-Cassis, Villa Marcato-Ancilliotto, Villa Castagna.