Bonorva, Sardegna

Bonorva is situated about 40 km south of Sassari on the Campeda plateau, in the hinterland of the town of Bosa, and is surrounded by important archeological sites. It has a lively crafts sector producing tapestry, carpets, blankets, with a special loom technique called "a punta de agu" which creates highly refined motifs. The historical center with its narrow alleys has an old-age charm, and at local bakeries the traditional "su zicchi" bread and Sardinina pastries can be found.


  • Altitude: 500 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 4,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 07012
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 079
  • Patron Saint: Santa Maria Bambina, celebrated on 8 September
  • Frazioni & Localities: Rebeccu


The necropolis in the nearby hamlet of Rebeccu show that the area was inhabited since neolitic times. The ancient "domus de janas" (the typical tombs of Sardinian Neolitic populations, very similar to houses) found in the area were partly ure-used for early Christian worship.

What to see

  • The archeological complex Sant'Andrea Priu, with 18 tombs excavated in the volcanic rock, whose Tomba del Capo was changed into a Christian church, the Church of Sant'Andrea, rich of ancient frescoes.
  • The Fonte di Su Lumarzu, in the Santa Lucia plain about 300 m east of Rebeccu, a spring used for worship by the Nuragic civilization, consisting of an entrance that leads into a very small cell built in basalt rock, with the typical "tholos" roof.
  • The parish church of Natività di Maria, dated 1582, in the Gothic-Catalan style, consisting od one naves divided by pillars into a number of vaulted chapels. The facade has an ornate, beautiful portan, with the statue of Mary above and a richly decorated rosewindow.


  • 13 August, the Mustras, a market fair of traditional handicraft and food, with the Su Zicchi festival.
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