Riola Sardo, Sardegna

Situated in the Campidano plateau, south of the Rio Mare Foghe river, a tributary of the Cabras Pond, and surrounded by the Mare Foghe pond on three sides, was inhabited since antiquity thanks to its protected position. The economy, until recent times mostly based on fishing in the ponds and the production of olives, rice, vernaccia wine, has now undergone a remarkable tourist development.


  • Population: about 2,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 09070
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0783
  • Patron Saint: St. Anna, celebrated on 26 July
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Provinces of Sardegna
Provinces of Sardegna


An ancient Nuragic settlement, it is mentioned in the 11th century AD as belonging to the Giudicato d'Arborea. There was in the area a monastery of the Camaldolese monks (a congregation that originated in Camaldoli, near Arezzo in Tuscany) who introduced in the territory the profitable cultivation of tangerines. In 1767 it came under the Flores Nurra family, who had it until the abolition of feudalism in Sardinia in the year 1839.

What to see

  • The 18th century Casa Carta, an interesting palace of a prominent local family.
  • The 18th century parish church of San Martino.

Where to stay