Paulilatino, Sardegna

Situated in the southern part of the basalt plateau of Abbasanta, the small town still appears as a traditional Sardinian village, with low houses in black basalt rock, and is especially famous for the many archeological sites in its territory, among them the unique Santa Cristina sacred fountain.


  • Population: about 2,500 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 09070
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0785
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Provinces of Sardegna
Provinces of Sardegna

What to see

  • The church of Santa Cristina, built with basalt blocks, famous for the sacred wells, probably linked to the pre-Nuragic cult of water worship and astronomy. Each year only during the equinoxes sunrays go down the staircase at the entrance and reach the water. Moreover, every 18 years and 6 months there is another, much stranger phenomenon, called "moon in the well": the moon, at its maximum declination is entirely reflected in the water.
  • The Nuraghe Lugheras, on among Sardinia's most interesting prehistoric stone towers

Where to stay