Baratili San Pietro, Sardegna

The small center, situated around the Cabras Pond, can still offer a glimpse into century-old lifestyles and traditions.


  • Population: about 1200 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 09070
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0783
  • Patron Saint: San Pietro, celebrated on 29 June
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Provinces of Sardegna
Provinces of Sardegna


In pre-historic times, according to archeological findings, there were human settlements, and the population lived on fishing in the pond and in the sea. The name appears in a document of the 1157 century as Oiratili, a place donated from Barisone to his daughter for her marriage. In 1477 the area passed under the Aragonese monarchy, then under the Spaniards and in mid-18th century was included in the Piedmontese kingdom of Sardinia.


  • The Carnival, called Carnevale Baratilese, an occasion of great celebrations all over the town, with typical Sardinina dances called "su ballu tundu" to accordion sound, with an impressive pantomime-dance on the last day of Carnival, called "su ballu de sa Zappitta".
  • On the first Sunday in August, the "Sagra della Vernaccia", the vernaccia being the typical wine produced in Baratili.

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