Vidracco, Province of Torino, Piedmont

Situated in the Val Chiusella, the small commune is rich in natural and artistic elements; here the environment, sustainable tourism, natural reservoirs and artistic excellence meet together in a unique mixture.


  • Altitude: 481 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 500 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 10080
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0125

The Territory

From a vantage point where the view spans from the city of Turin to the pre-Alpine and Alpine chains dividing Piedmont from France, the town occupies the relief facing the artificial ENEL reservoir between the Truc del Tossico (687 m) and the Bric of Muriaglio (737 m). The toponyms Bric and Truc are of Ligurian origin and suggest that in the area there was a settlement of prehistoric times, though no evidence of the period has yet been found.

What to see

  • The Tower of San Silvestro, also called Torre Cives, built in the twelfth century, a military watchtower. near it, in 1956 five gold coins of the Byzantine era were found, namely a coin of Emperor Leo I (457-473 AD - Constantinople mint) and four coins of Emperor Basil (476 - 477 AD - Italian mint) now kept in the Archaeological Museum in Turin.
  • The old town mill, completely renovated and today an eco-museum; on the ground floor of the mill can see the old stone mills can be seen, each devoted to a different type of grinding of corn and wheat or chestnuts, while another area of the mill is dedicated to the processing of hemp for the production of yarn or ropes.
  • The Special Natural Reserve of Monti Pelati and Torre Cives, included in the Canavese Park, established in 1993 over a hilly area of about 150 hectares of great geological and natural interest fro the presence of peridotite rocks of grayish green, large outcrops of white chalk, thermophilic insects, lichen flora, migratory and stantial birds. There is an equipped area for visitors called "Lucertolone".
  • Damanhur, a private underground complex, known the world over, called Templi dell'Umanità, with a rich and complex architectural scheme and art works in different styles to create a huge 3-D book telling the history of manking through all art forms.

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