Ribordone, Province of Torino, Piedmont

Ribordone is a small mountain village 55 km far from Turin, on the edge of the Gran Paradiso National Park (altitude between 774 meters and 3270 meters of Mount Gialin), and occupies a valley on the right bank of the Orco river. This valley is crossed by the Rio Bordone stream, a tributary of the Orco.


  • Population: about 80 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 10080
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0124
  • Patron Saint: St. Michele Arcangelo, celebrated on 29th September
  • Frazioni & Localities: Gabbadone, where the townhall is situated, Boscalera, Ceresa, Chiantello, Crosa, Iarole, Piane, Pianfò Furné, Posio, Prascondù, Riva, Romborgogno, Schiaroglio, Talosio, Vafforno e Foggi


The first mention of Ribordone is a document on "tuchinaggio" (that is, a popular revolt against the feudal lords of Canavese) and dates back to 1338; a castle of the territory, however, called Pertica appears in older documents. The place was a fief of the Counts of Valperga, and had its own statutes probably by 1550 and certainly by 1582. Both Ribordone and its hamlets suffered great damages throughout the long French-Spanish wars.

What to see

  • The church of St. Michael the Archangel with three naves and an irregular baroque facade, with a bell tower in stone where traces of a sun dial can be seen.
  • a Roman Bridge, restored in 1863
  • The Tower of San Lorenzo.
  • The Prascondù Sanctuary, the most significant monument of Ribordone, reachable through the picturesque road that branches off to the right near Sparone. Built in 1620 at 1321 m a.s.l., is linked to a miraculous event. The church houses a seventeenth-century wooden icon depicting the Madonna of Loreto, to which it is dedicated, and the feast on Aug. 27 records an extensive participation of the faithful. Right here the Gran Paradiso National Park is preparing a Living Museum of folk religion. The miracle, documented and recognized by the Catholic Church, took place on 27 August 1619 when Our Lady appeared to a young man, Giovannino Berrardi, asking him to fulfill a vow of pilgrimage to Loreto, made by the youth's father asking for his son to regain the use of speech. Giovannino went to Loreto, and on the way back regained his speech.

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