Province of Campobasso, Molise

The Province of Campobasso is administratively divided into 84 Municipalities with a surface area of 2909 square km and a population, in the census of the year 2000, of about 235,000 inhabitants. According to an administrative reform, from 1 Jan 2014 the Province is scheduled for merging with the Province of Isernia.
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Provinces of Molise

The Territory

The present territory of the Province was not the same as in past centuries. With the unity of Italy, in 1861, the borders of the whole Molise region were fixed along the Fortore and Volturno rivers and the region was united to Abruzzo for about a century.

After the Second World War there was a strong movement to make the region autonomous, and in December 1964 a constitutional law established Molise as an independent region with one Province, and capital Campobasso. On 2 February 1970 52 municipalities of this Province were separated and a new Province, Isernia, was established.

The Comuni in the Province

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