Albano Laziale, Province of Roma, Lazio

This ancient town rises on the Colli Albani, hills of volcanic origin, and near a lake also called Albano.

The town is one of the so-called "Castelli Romani" (the others are Frascati, Grottaferrata, Marino, Albano, Ariccia, Genzano, Nemi, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora, Montecompatri, Monte Porzio Catone, Colonna) all founded in the middle ages by Popes and rich Roman families as their countryside residences. The area of the Colli Albani, the Castelli Romani and the lakes of Nemi and Albano are included in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani.


  • Altitude: m a.s.l
  • Population: about 34,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 00041
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 06


The town rose from a settlement established by emperor Domitianus, in the vicinity of the ancient Latin town of Alba Longa, the capital of the Latin peoples whose kings ruled over Latium for centuries until Rome, founded by the Alban princes Romulus and Remus, replaced Alba.

What to see

  • The ruins of the ancient villa of Roman consul Pompey of the 1st century BC, at the entrance of the town coming from Rome.
  • The church of San Pietro, built in the 6th century on previous Roman spas, with marble elements re-used from Roman buildings; inside, frescoes of the 13th century and a painting by Gherardo delle Notti
  • The Porta Pretoria, the main door of the castra Albania, a large Roman camp built by emperor Sephimius Severus, on which the present town rose
  • Santa Maria della Rotonda, a church built an previous Roman villa, with a round plan covered by a dome, with 4 half-circular chapels.
  • The Cisternone, a huge water reservoir underground, completely excavated in the rock.
  • The Roman amphitheater on top of the town of the 3rd century AD
  • The Sepulchre of the Horatii and Curiatii: a huge monument along the via Appia, traditionally believed to mark the tombs of the legendary heroes.
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