Borgo Velino, Province of Rieti, Lazio

The territory of Borgo Velino was densely populated from antiquity, but the present settlement dates back to more recent times. In the 13th century the Anjou founded a town along the Via Salaria, which was originally known as Borghetto, to consolidate the northern frontier of the kingdom of Naples, joining the villages and castles of the area and suppressing the power of feudal lords, especially the Del Duca family, who had their fortress in the castle of Forcapretola.


  • Population: about 850 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 02010
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0746

What to see

  • The Convent of San Francesco, a little outside the center, according to the tradition the monastery was founded by Saint Francis who planted inside the building, near the door, a tree that he himself had cut.
  • The "Flavii Nymphaeum", one of the monuments of greatest importance in the urban area, formed of the remains of a magnificent building, partly still visible, partly hidden by the Rieti - L'Aquila railway line. It was probably part of a Roman villa, and its name comes from a dedication to the nymphs engraved in a stone, dated 5 BC.
  • The church of Santi Dionisio, Rustico and Eleuterio, whose origins go back to at least the 8th century AD, and possibly the center around which the medieval village was gradually built. On the façade of the church marble fragments of the Roman age were re-employed. The church contained also fine frescoes, that were detached and are now preserved in the town hall of Borgovelino.

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