Italian communes ordered alphabetically

In the Italian Republic a comune, similar to a township or municipality, is an autonomous local body, which can also have the title of città. Formed according to principles consolidated in medieval municipalities, it is regulated by art. 114 of the Italian constitution. It can be divided into frazioni, which in turn may also have some limited administration thanks to special elective assemblies. The comune is the keeper of Civil Records of citizens since the early 1800s.

Find the Correct Spelling

This section can also help in finding the correct spelling of Italian places. The over 8,000 communes in Italy are ordered alphabetically and linked to their present Province and Region. For indexing purposes, a place like "Sant'Angelo" is considered as if it was written "Santangelo", and places consisting of more words as "La Maddalena" are considered as if they were one long word.

Find the Old Province

Present Provinces do not correspond in many cases to provinces of the previous centuries. Therefore, in the Antenati Portal while searching for Civil records up to 1927, it is advisable to use the option Trova i registri, which will provide results for the proper province archive. As regards the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, details of the old provinces can be found in the Onciari section.

Information on a Comune

Each commune is linked either to an information page on this website, or to its province. However, Wikipedia has pages for all communes, usually very detailed in the Italian version. The commune's website, which will have contact information with civil records offices, may be searched also in the section: Website addresses of Italian communes.

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