Petruro Irpino, Province of Avellino, Campania

Petruro Irpino is a mainly agricultural town overlooking the Sabato Valley; presently the economy still relies on agriculture.
As to the the toponym, Petruro derives from the Latin "Petra" (stone), with a clear connection to the orography of the place.


  • Altitude: 500 m a.s.l
  • Territory: hilly
  • Population: about 330 inhabitants in 2018
  • Zip/postal code: 83010
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0825
  • Patron Saint: St. Bartolomeo, celebrated on 24th August; St. Maria di Monte Vergine, on the 8th of September
  • Frazioni & Localities: Lago.

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  • The Medieval Center
  • The parish church of St. Bartolomeo (13th century)
  • The Capozzi Palace.


In the Angevin period it was a fiefdom of the Afflitto family and later of Pietro De Candida. A famous patriot and author, Angelo Troisi, was born here. In 1927 the municipality was abolished and included in Chianche. Only in 1945 it was autonomous again as Petruro, and in 1950 the adjective "Irpino" was added. After World War II the place suffered a heavy emigration.
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