Sant'Agata del Bianco, Province of Reggio Calabria, Calabria

10 km from the Ionian Sea in the Locride area, 5 km from the Aspromonte National Park Sant'Agata rises in a wonderfully panoramic position ranging from Punta Stilo to Capo Spartivento. It has been a commune since 1946, before that date it was part of Casale di Prepacuore (present-day Samo).

It was the birthplace in 1924 of writer Saverio Strati, author of "Miti, Racconti e Leggende di Calabria" a seminal collection of legends and stories typical of the Calabrese cultural heritage, as well as novels and dramas on the emigrant experience and poor people's lives.


  • Altitude: 405 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 590 inhabitants in 2018
  • Zip/postal code: 89030
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0964
  • Patron saint: Sant'Agata, celebrated on 5 February.
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Province of Reggio Calabria
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The Economy

The economy was based in the past largely on silkworm breeding and textile production, among them the unique, beautiful blankets called "pezzare" (made with clips of different cloths), but the santagatesi were also well-known as clever masons and craftsmen.

What to see

  • The palace of Baron Ignazio Franco, with a fine 15th century portal.
  • A sulphurous water spring in contrada Schimizzi.

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