Pazzano, Calabria

In a beautiful environment between the sea and the Serre forests in the valley of the Stilaro fiumara, Pazzano was one of the main mining centers in southern Italy. The geological groups of the Stella and Consolino, rich in iron, are among the most ancient mountains in Calabria, dating back to the devonian (395-345 million years ago) or Jurassic (190-136 millions).


  • Population: about 520 inhabitants in 2017
  • Zip/postal code: 89040
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0964
  • Demonym: pazzanesi or pazzaniti
  • Patron Saint: St. Giuseppe, celebrated on 19 March.
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Iron mining were already active at the time of the Greek occupation (500 BC) and continued in the centuries, as shown from a Norman document of 1094 AD. In the 18th and 19th century early iron industries were established in the area, a remarkable example of industrial development in Southern Italy, which however fell in decay after the unification of Italy (1860).

What to see

  • The Sanctuary of Monte Stella, a hermitage of Greek monks since the 8th century AD, excavated in the rock of a natural grotto. In Norman times it became a monastery as shown in a document of 1096 where Ruggero gives to the bishop of Squillace, Giovanni Niceforo, also the "Abbatìa sancti Johannis de Stjlo, Abbatìa sancti Leonti, et ecclesia sancti Nicolai cum Sancta Maria quae prope est" (=the abbey of St. Giovanni of Stilo, the abbey of St. leontius and the church of St. Nicholas wih St. Mary near it). In 1646 Santa Maria della Stella was a convent of the order of San Basilio.

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