Alessandria del Carretto, Province of Cosenza, Calabria

The area is included in the Pollino National Park, of which it is the highest municipality. Starting from the unification of Italy, the place has lost over 1,000 inhabitants due to a strong flow of emigration.


  • Altitude: 1000 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 500 inhabitants in 2012
  • Zip/postal code: 87070
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0981
  • Patron Saint: St. Alessandro, celebrated on 3 May.
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Provinces of Calabria
Province of Cosenza


Its official foundation dates back to the 17th century, when feudal lord Marquis Alessandro Pignone del Carretto - after whom the place was named - relocated peasants from nearby Oriolo to the new settlement. Subsequently, the population increased in number, thanks to people from nearby centers such as Albidona, Cerchiara and San Lorenzo Bellizzi.

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