Moliterno, Province of Potenza, Basilicata

An agricultural town and tourist resort, Moliterno stands on a rocky promontory overlooking the valley of the Agri river.


  • Population: about 4900 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 85047
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0975
  • Frazioni: Cantarelle, Chiaito, Fontana d'Eboli, Madonna del Carmine, Malfitani, Pantanelle, Paradiso, Piani di Maglia, Rimindiello, Tempa del Conte, San Nicola, Santo Martino, San Giovanni, Sorgituro, Spineta
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Provinces of Basilicata
Basilicata region
Matera | Potenza

What to see

  • The medieval castle, built by the Normans.
  • The church of the Rosario, built for the Dominican monastery.
  • The church of Santa Croce, which preserves a Baroque altar and a 17th-century wooden Crucifix.

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