Sant'Omero, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo

Sant'Omero rises on a hill between the Salinello and the Vibrata rivers, 16 km away from the Adriatic coast, in the hinterland between Tortoreto and Giulianova and consists of three villages: Sant'Omero, Garrufo and Poggio Morello. Originally an agricultural centre, it is nowadays developing as an agritourism and manufacturing centre.

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  • Altitude: 208 m a.s.l
  • Distance from Teramo: 25 km
  • Population: ca. 5000 inhabitants
  • Postal code: 64027
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0861
  • Frazioni: Barracche, Case Alte, Casette, Fontana Vecchia, Garrufo, Mediana, Pignotto, Poggio Morello, Santa Maria a Vico, Villa Gatti, Villa Ricci
  • How to reach it: by road, S.S. 80 from Teramo.


Sant Omero There were prehistoric settlements in the area, as many findings have shown. The legend says that present Sant'Omero was founded on a hill by Charlemagne after the destruction of the fortress of Carrufo (present-day Garrufo). In 1154 it was a Norman territory, then in 1447 became a possession of the Acquavivas and later on of the Mendoza y Alarçon.

What to see

  • The church of Santa Maria a Vico (X century), on the right of the Vibrata river, with a three-aisle interior and a stone bearing a Latin inscription for a temple dedicated to Heracles, it is the best-preserved religious monument of the region dating back to the early Christian era
  • The church of Sant'Antonio Abate
  • Le pinciaie, typical houses built with earth and hay
  • An ancient "frantoio", an olive-pressing equipment to obtain olive oil.

Events and Festivities

  • Middle of July: Sagra del baccalà
  • Late July: Sagra de "li Maccaru de le Machinà" (Poggio Morello)
  • Early August: Sagra della birra (Garrugo)
  • End of August: Festival Internazionale del Teatro Comico e Comic Movie.

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