FANO ADRIANO, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Teramo, Abruzzo region On St. Marcello hill, along the Vomano valley, near a picturesque oak-wood, which gives the name to a nearby village Cerqueto (quercia, Italian for oak tree, changes into cerqua in vernacular), rises this interesting medieval centre, rich in monuments and traditions.
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Fano Adriano Altitude: 745 m a.s.l -- Distance from Teramo: 26 km -- Population: ca. 430 inhabitants -- Zip code: -- Phone Area Code: -- How to reach it: motorway: A-24, exit S. Gabriele; - road: S.S.N. 80 from Teramo or L'Aquila


Remains of a roman settlement testify the age-long human presence in the area. The name of the village lends itself to many interpretations. Fanum was in latin "temple", while Adriano might apply to the Roman emperor or be a modification of a nearby centre, triganum. In the XV century the medieval borough belonged to the Orsini.

arrowPoints of Interest

  • The Church of St. Pietro, with a typical facade dominated by a massive belltower, with a fine early XVII-century ceiling and Baroque decorations, Renaissance frescoes.
  • The Church of the Annunziata, on top of St. Marcello hill, built on the remains of a medieval sighting tower
  • Museo del Folklore, at nearby Cerqueto
  • Gran Sasso-Laga National Park

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • End of December Live Crib, a representation of the Nativity divided into various "stations" along the paths of the nearby oak forest.

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