CERMIGNANO, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Teramo, Abruzzo region It rises on a hill which dominates the southern Vomano valley of the ancient territory of the Adriatic Sabines and later Roman colony of Hatria.
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Cermignano Altitude: 563 m a.s.l -- Distance from Teramo: 22 km -- Population: ca. 1800 inhabitants -- Zip code: 64037 -- Phone Area Code: 0861 -- Frazioni: Carbone, Casamarano, Casavino, Montegualtieri, Petriola, Piomba, Poggio delle Rose, Saputelli, Topetti, Villa Compagni, Villa Santa Maria


The most important archeological site of Cermignano is "Monte Giove" where a fortified center of the Sabines with a worship area existed. During the Republican Era (509 to 27 BC) the worship area was transformed into a large temple dedicated to Jupiter.

Only in Norman times (1150-1167) there were the first fortifications and feudal lords. During the 14th century the feud passed to the Acquaviva and later to the Scorrano. In 1548 Cermignano, along with Montegualtieri, became a fief of De Sterlich family who in 1548 were appointed by the king Marquis of Cermignano.

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  • the Montegualtieri Tower, 18 m high
  • the church of Santa Lucia
  • the church of Sant'Eustachio (12th-13th century)

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • Lu Santantonje, folk festival that takes place on the feast of St. Anthony around January 16 (often under the snow), with stands at various points of the place preparing grilled sausages, offered with excellent homemade wine, to the accompaniment of traditional songs and dances. At midnight all the various folk groups gather in Piazza De Sterlich to drink mulled wine offered by the Proloco. (by courtesy of Piero Quintiliani)

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  • "Da Pierino" (Bar Paradiso), very rustic and cozy

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