CELLINO ATTANASIO, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Teramo, Abruzzo region It stands on a hill overlooking the valley of the Vomano river from the south, in the territory of the ancient Roman colony of Hatria (Atri).
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Cellino Attanasio Altitude: 429 m a.s.l -- Distance from Teramo: 30 km -- Population: ca. 2600 inhabitants -- Zip code: 64036 -- Phone Area Code: 0861 -- Frazioni: Artemisio, Ciafette, Faiete, Feudi, Luciani, Mammine, Matani, Minghetti, Monteverde, Petrilli, San Clemente, San Martino, San Pietro, Scorrano, Stampalone, Valviano


The oldest findings date back to the late Bronze age, whem two settlements existed in the area of Monteverde; in the locality of Valviano there is a necropolis of the late Bronze Age. In the Italic period (4th-3th century BC) there was a settlement in the village of Telesio and necropolis at Case Rapacchietta and Mingarelli. During the Roman period a large "vicus" is recorded in Valviano and Telesio. Around these larger settlements there was a number of small farms. In the Norman period (1150-1167) seven castles are recorded. Archaeological traces of medieval settlements are present in the historical centre of Cellino.

From the 12th throughout the 13th century Cellino was under the rule of the abbot of San Giovanni in Venere and later of the Abbey of Montecassino. In 1462, it was besieged and sacked by the Angevin troops of Matteo of Capua. At the end of the 16th century the place passed under the Acquaviva of Atri, who turned it into a well fortified borough.

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  • fortified borough of the 15th century
  • Church and Convent of San Francesco
  • parish church of Santa Maria La Nova, dated 14th century, with a beautiful portal and the tomb of duke Giovan Battista d'Acquaviva,
  • the Church of Santa Maria di Musano at Scorrano

arrowEvents & Festivities

    1 to 2 May Feast Sant'Attanasio 1-2 August Feast of Madonna degli Angeli (Our Lady of Angels) 12-13-14 August Truffle Festival 8 December folk event of "Li Faugni" (bonfires) traditionally associated with the transportation by angels of the Holy House to Loreto, but according to ethnologists connected to ancient pagan rights in the proximity of the winter sosltice.

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