CASTILENTI, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Teramo, Abruzzo region The small centre, situated along the North bank of the river Fino, was in antiquity under the influence of the Sabines and later of the Roman colony HCastilentia. It is typical for the"pinciare", poor country huts made with earth and hay, which can still be seen in the fields around the village. In August the national literary award "Luigi Antonelli" takes place here.
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Castilenti Altitude: 270 m a.s.l -- Distance from Teramo: 42 km -- Population: ca. 1600 inhabitants -- Zip code: -- Phone Area Code: -- How to reach it: - buses: from Teramo
- road: Kms 18 from A24


There is a necropolis in nearby Casablanca from the early Iron Age (VI-V century B.C.). In the Roman period one Lentius who owned a villa nearby left his name ("castrum Lentuli") to the village. In the Middle Ages there was a Franciscan monastery on Colle Oliveto. The origins of the present village date back to the late Middle Ages. Then in the XV century the many fights for supremacy between the local families gave way to the rise of the Acquaviva and later Marquis De Sterlich, who owned it till the XVIII century.

arrowPoints of Interest

  • Santa Maria de Laureto, Franciscan convent of the XIII
  • Santa Vittoria (XIV century), with fine stuccos by Alessandro Terzani
  • The ruins of Palazzo de Sterlich (XVI century) built on an older castle
  • Santa Maria in Monte, with beautiful XVI-century frescoed cloister
  • Fontevecchia (XVI century) outside the village at Contrada Fonte
  • A stone landmark of Roman emperors Valentinianus, Valens and Gratianus

arrowEvents & Festivities

    Holy Friday: a procession with two choruses, mail voicis singing a Miserere and female voices answering with a lauda
    20 August: Feast of San Romualdo
    28 August: Feast of the Patron saints Pietro, Antonio and Vittoria

arrowHotels, Lodging, Restaurants

  • 6 posti letto in AGRITURISMO LE LEPRI in contrada Lepre tel. +39/0861/996245