CASTEL CASTAGNA, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Teramo, Abruzzo region Situated on the Northern side of the Gran Sasso, the village can show interesting medieval and Renaissance builduings.
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Altitude: 452 m a.s.l -- Distance from Teramo: 27 km -- Population: ca. 600 inhabitants -- Zip code: -- Phone Area Code: -- How to reach it:
- bus, trains: from Teramo
- road: Kms 12 from A24


The present village rose in the XII century with the name of "Castrum castanee". In 1683 it was pillaged by bandits, and again in 1807 by a band of revolutionaries.

arrowPoints of Interest

  • Chiesa di san Pietro, inside the village, with a significant Renaissance portal
  • Santa Maria di Ronzano, isolated in the nearby countryside along the river Mavone against the impressive background of Corno Grande, with 12th-century frescoes, among the most relevant examples of Lombard art in central Italy .
  • San Giovanni al Mavone (ad Insulam), along the road to Campo Imperatore, an ancient Benedictine basilica with precious frescos, lowreliefs and an early Christian crypt

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • 29 April: celebration of Saint Peter, the village patron
  • 15 August: Cattle exhibition at Santa Maria di Ronzano