4 February 2002

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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4 February 2002 - Il Messaggero

After three years Carnival returns to Scerni
After three years of absence, the Scerni Carnival is back, the most popular event in the Vasto area. A special committee are grappling with the preparation of the wagons and the final touches, in the memory of a tradition that has been renewed since 1957. The Carnival will culminate in the show of Fat Tuesday, February 12. There will be seven allegorical floats, the flag-wavers from Latina, Brazilian groups with their samba, two bands and majorettes, as well as actors who will give life along the alleys. The event has gathered young people, not disinterested as one would like to believe, but capable of great enthusiasm. The agenda of the day: at 14.30 parade of the wagons, at 18 the fireworks show, followed at 19 by a dancing evening at the sports hall.

4 February 2002 - Il Messaggero

Roccamontepiano rediscobver ancient street names
The Municipality of Roccamontepiano has adopted a new street design plan since last January, in the context of the overall reorganization of the road system of the territory, and accompanied by a historical reconstruction of the ancient toponyms of the Municipality, starting from the land registry of 1740, from the old cadastral maps and the oral tradition of older people. The need to rediscover the names in the old toponyms - says the city councilor Adamo Carulli - was born of the intention to avoid street names having no connection with the historical identity of the place. With this project the 20 denominations changed to the current 43 and among these those in memory of the victims of the landslide of 24 June 1765. Within the next months all streets will have sign plates, afterwards all the families will receive the respective house number on handmade maiolica. This effort will rebuild, though partially, a piece of the buried history of Roccamontepiano.

4 February 2002 - Il Centro

A week end of religious celebrations, bonfires and street food at Pianolafor the Candelora festivity
A great festivity yesterday morning in Pianola for the traditional blessing of farm animals, linked to the celebrations of Candelora and San Biagio. After the events of last Saturday night, yesterday the area surrounding the church of San Cipriano served as a natural stage for the parade of animals, which were blessed by Don Fidelis. The presence of the faithful was very large, and around a dozen farm animals were led by their owners, among the curiosity of those present, especially children. Later food and drinks were offered, coffee, chocolate, and tastings of the typical "S. Biagio" cake. The blessing of the animals closed the "two days" promoted in Pianola on the occasion of the Candelora and S. Biagio. Among the events there were on Saturday, the replacement of the stolen bell, the destruction of the Candelora candles and the ignition of four bonfires. A notable contribution to the event came from architect Carlo Chiarizia, heir of the church, by Dr. Francesco Rivera, owner of the anonymous little chapel and professor Carlo Masciocchi.

4 February 2002 - Il Centro

Celebrations for San Biagio at Lancianovecchia anf the "panicelle" at Taranta
San Biagio takes away sore throat: it is an ancient tradition that lives on today in Lancianovecchia and surroundings. A procession of the faithful, from the early hours of the morning until late in the evening, gathers in the church of San Biagio, where the statue of the saint is preserved, for the ritual of the "anointing of the throat". The ceremony, led by parish priest Don Valentino Toffanin, attracts thousands of devotees and many masses are scheduled.

At Taranta Peligna, the "panicelle" of San Biagio will be ready this morning. In Taranta, where the tradition is particularly felt, flour and yeast were brought to the elementary school room. The dough was left to rise one whole night and the day after is left to rest. Then it is refreshed with hot water, and on the eve of the party, yesterday, the panicelle were made in the shape of four fingers of a hand, and bearing the seal of the ancient guild of Taranta woolmen: San Biagio who draws a fish bone from a child's throat. The panicelle will be distributed during the Sunday celebrations, which include a mass in the afternoon and the procession with the statue followed by the musical band of Palena.

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