17 January 2002

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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17 January 2002 - Il Messaggero

Sulmona - The Silone prize to Nelson Mandela / Il Premio Silone a Nelson Mandela
The Silone Prize was awarded to South African President Nelson Mandela, as a symbol of the fight against racism. The international cultural prize went to Ferdinando Alfonsi, a professor at Fordham University, New York. The national prizes were awarded to writer Enzo Bettiza, journalist Mino D'Amato, journalist Roberto Gervaso. Other prizes also to Pasquale Bandiera, the President of "Lega dei diritti dell'uomo", Andrea Pedussia for a thesis on Angelo Tasca and to Luigi Susi, painter and poet from Trasacco.

17 January 2002 - Il Centro

Swallows are back, memories from the war / Tornano le rondini. Memoria sulla ricostruzione in Abruzzo, by Ugo Perolino
A historical research by Riccardo D'Auro who collected documents and first hand experiences from WWII in Abruzzo, as seen by the common people, the refugees. «Tornano le rondini. Memoria sulla ricostruzione in Abruzzo» is both a historical reportage of battles and events, and a testimonial of how those events were seen in the local communities. The first part deals with the events of June - December 1944, with the inauguration of the passenger service Torricella Peligna - Chieti. Then the author follows the hard years of the reconstruction.

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