11 November 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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11 November 2000 - Il Centro

Montesilvano - In 90 by bus for the feast of the betrayed husbands / In autobus per la festa dei cornuti
A group of 90 friends from Cappelle sul Tavo, Montesilvano, Pescara and Sambuceto rent a red bus to go to celebrate in a restaurant in Lettomanoppello the feast of the betrayed husbands. All the participants had to show the certificate of betrayal signed by the wife.

11 November 2000 - Il Centro

Civitella Casanova - Feast of the betrayed husbands / Elezione Presidente dei cornuti
For San Martino, tonight the election of the President and his Vice for the Festa dei Cornuti. In Civitella today a Mass will be celebrated for St. Martino. After the Mass, according the tradition, chestnuts, fried pizza and good wine will be offered in the locals of the parish.In Vestea, at 20 hours, an only men's dinner with fishfood. All the betrayed husbands will meet in the centre of the town and they will go in procession to the restaurant walking behind a 9-ft high horns.

11 November 2000 - Il Centro

San Valentino - More than 500 peolple to the Cornuti parade / Più di 500 al Corteo dei Cornuti
On 11th November more than 500 participants to the traditional "cornuti" parade coming from San Valentino and the nearby towns. The started at 18.00 hours: hundreds of men, almost all young, met in the main square of the town. At the head of the parade there was Danvilo Monaco, 30 years old, the last married, who had to bear a phallic symbol, emblem of the event. After the "procession" and the dancing of the Pupa, the happy company finished with a traditional Norman grand dinner.

11 November 2000 - Il Centro

Teramo - San Martino: young people from Teramo celebrate in Bologna too
Even in Bologna, city where many university students from Teramo live, every year St. Martin's day is celebrated with a party; new wine will be offered. In Teramo and his province a lot of events will celebrate the San Martino day and will welcome the new wine. All the program in the article online. One of the most interesting appointments will be at Cortino, in the Gransasso-Laga Park: in the hostel "Abete bianco" meal with chestnuts and sousages, stay overnight then go on an excursion in the mountains the day after.

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