28 November 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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28 November 1999 - Il Messaggero

L'Aquila - The unvaluable donation from Peressin's will is refused by the Vatican Museum since the origin of the possible Praxiteles' work is not declared / Il pezzo forte del testamento, dal valore inestimabile, crea imbarazzi Oltretevere - Nel testamento l'ex arcivescovo scrive: «Non posso indicare la provenienza dell'opera»
L'AQUILA - Experts say there are no statues by Praxiteles in the world. So the small 6th-century-BC bronze property of late Monsignor Peressin would be unique. The Vatican Museums will probably not accept the donation beacause it is obscure how the statue came into Peressin's hands. The former archbishop says it was donated by an American physician.

28 November 1999 - Il Messaggero

Pescara - Literary prize established by newly founded "Itinera" association / Premio letterario a Pescara: ci pensa «Itinera»
The new association, founded by lawyer Loredana Di Giovanni, «Itinera»'s President, Senator Andrea Pastore, Debora Caldora and others, has the aims to promove culture and establish a literary prize called "Città di Pescara", for unpublished works by Italian or international authors. The winner will have his work published and also receive a money award.

28 November 1999 - Il Messaggero

Open letter by a parish priest wondering whether so many riches can be accumulated honestly / Lettera aperta di un parroco: «Si possono accumulare tanti miliardi onestamente?»
Don Aldo Antonelli from Antrosano, Diocesis of Avezzano, has written an open letter to his Aquilan colleagues. «Your archbishop's will is a very mean thing. For many years you have had a master, not a father. Future generations will judge this grey character. And do not worry that you did not receive anything from him. If innocent riches exist, they'll be yours. The question I cannot answer is how could an archbishop accumulate such wealth?»

28 November 1999 - Il Centro

POPOLI - The most intelligent in Abruzzo, according to Mensa, is Aquilan / E' aquilano il più intelligente Le finali del Mensa, teatino e pescarese sul podio - by Giacomo Zaino
Claudio Colautti, domiciled in l'Aquila and a teacher in Avezzano, has won the 7th edition of "Brain '99", organized by Mensa Italia. At Hotel Tremonti, Popoli, 17 competitors, 11 men and 6 women. Second place to Gianni D'Onofrio from Chieti and third Fabrizio Barbarossa from Pescara. Winner Claudio Colautti, 39, born in Trieste, teaches music, is married and has a son. His hobbies mountaineering and chess. Before proclaming the winners, the Mensa secretaries explained that having an IQ above the average does not mean anything on a social level. Aim of the Mensa is not only to measure intelligence but also to gather people to make intelligence serve mankind.

28 November 1999 - Il Centro

«We woke up and the Nazis were gone» - Six former concentration camp prisoners meet in Montesilvano / «Ci svegliammo e i nazisti non c'erano più» - Sei ex internati si incontrano a Montesilvano 55 anni dopo tra lacrime e ricordi
Fifty-five years later together again, to remember and cry, just as on that day in 1945 when waking up one morning they saw the Naziz were gone. In Lager 11B, Fellinbostel, Germany, Vincenzo Petrangelo, former general, met again friends he had never seen from that day. Lieutnant Ugo D'Ormea says «Time goes on, and very few of us are left». 600,000 Italians lived in concentration camps from 1943 to 1945 for having refused to fight with the Germans, and 40,000 died there. The survivors, now all in their eighties, still have such an incredible experience to tell our youth.