9 October 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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9 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Great Abruzzese painters in the modern Art Museum in Pescara / La struttura, intitolata a Vittoria Colonna, sarà ospitata nell'ex università - I grandi maestri abruzzesi nel museo d'arte moderna
A Museum of Modern Art in the name of Vittoria Colonna, Marchesa of Pescara, whose portrait made by Michael Angelo can be admired in the British Museum, London, will be probably inaugurated next year in the former premises of the University, 3000 sq meters, a coffee house and a terrace on the seafront. To finance the giant project Augusto Di Luzio has great ideas: an American-style foundation supported by the whole local world of the economy, culture and politics.

9 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Giordani is world champion for road cycling, category under 23 / Trionfa ai mondiali di ciclismo Under 23. I genitori sono di Prata d'Ansidonia - Leonardo, un aquilano in maglia iridata
The 100 Abruzzese fans burst out against journalist De Zan, who had said Leonardo was from Rome. So he corrected "a Roman from Abruzzo". His parents are from Tussio, near Prata d'Ansidonia, in the province of L'Aquila. His father says Leonardo received his emigrant's toughness and applied it to the bike.

9 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

The Antò win the war and the booking-office - The film telling the story of four kids from Montesilvano rages through Italy / Gli Antò vincono la guerra e sbancano il botteghino - La storia dei quattro ragazzi di Montesilvano è uno dei successi della stagione, anche grazie alle battute in dialetto, by Alessandro Ricci
Created by writer Silvia Ballestra, the story of the four kids, Antò Lu Purk, Antò Lu Zombi, Antò Lu Mmalatu and Antò lu Zorru is a description of the kids' failure in making a future for themselves away from their native street. They dream of leaving Abruzzo and speak dialect. The English «come in» becomes «camìn» (= move on). They eat Parrozzini and drink Centerba in the students' dormitories in Bologna, they criticize the concrete-builders who are destroying the coast and their rich ugly daughters («cozze»). The actors are almost all non-professional.

9 October 1999 - Il Centro

Eremo di Santo Spirito - Between past and present / Tra passato e presente
A congress on the figure of Celestino V and the Perdonanza in Santo Spirito, granted by Pope Benedetto XIV in 1742. The greatest scholars of the hermit from Morrone will speak, among them padre Quirino Salomone, Concetta Nicolaj, Gaetano Basti, Antonio Bini. Also a recital of Abruzzese poems by Nunzio D'Alimonte and a photographic exhibition on Roccamorice and the hermitages.