6 October 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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6 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Cold in the mountains, the first snow on the Gran Sasso / In montagna fa freddo - La neve sul Gran Sasso
Just 6°C in L'Aquila the other night, where residents have taken out overcoats and swetears from their wardrobes. Last 23 October the city was the coldest in Italy, the third coldest in Europe after Moscow and Helsinki.

6 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Five Japanese journalists discover history and cuisine / Cinque giornalisti giapponesi scoprono storia e gastronomia
A full-immersion cuisine course for the five Japanese who have been shown the procedure to make maccheroni alla chitarra, traditional sauces, egg and lemon lamb, etc. They took thousands of pictures.

6 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Atessa - the first municipality to comply with separate-waste collection laws/ Primo comune abruzzese in regola con il decreto Ronchi
Mayor Giuseppe Cellucci is satisfied with the compliance of the population, who collected bio-degradable waste (23% of the total) in special plastic containers, which where then delivered to a plant in Cupello to be transformed into fertilizers. Also traditional separate waste collection for plastic, glass, paper and iron was very successful.

6 October 1999 - Il Centro

Villetta Barrea - «Mysterious animal exhibition» at the Park center / Al centro internazionale del Parco - «Animali misteriosi» - Si inaugura oggi la mostra
A cryptozoology exhibition with news and pictures on the celacanthus, giant anaconda, okapia, yeti, and also the lynx and the "monaca" seal. Admittance free.