5 October 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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5 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Tagliacozzo - Domenico Rubeo the last Adua veteran / Ultimo reduce di Adua , by Nello Maiolini
Edoardo Rubeo, Domenico's son, was at the presentation of a book, "La battaglia di Adua e l'ultimo suo reduce", a bersagliere major, Domenico was taken prisoner at the battle of Adua, in the war of Africa, in 1896 and after many sufferings he could finally go back. The Italian flag was for him his family and his home.

5 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

Soon a law to control the activities of truffle "marauders" / Presto sarà regolata dalla Regione l'attività dei »predatori», che sono più di 50mila - Una legge contro tartufo-selvaggio
Every year 50,000 illegal searchers come especially from nearby regions for the great revenue: 1200 US$ for the white, 200 for the black truffle. The savake collection now endangers the precious mushroom.

5 October 1999 - Il Centro

Villa Santa Maria - Three days with the cuisine kings / 21st edition for the cooks' meeting / Tre giorni con i re dei fornelli - Ricca di novità la rassegna dei cuochi a Villa Santa Maria - Dal 15 ottobre la 21ma edizione, by Gino Melchiorre
On 15, 16 and 17 october the famous contest. Cuisine stands will be placed along the Corso up to San Nicola's square. A lamp will be lit in honor of San Francesco Caracciolo, offered by the Unione regionale cuochi della Toscana and it will burn until next year, when a second lamp will be offered by another association. On 15 october a congress «Cuisine in the media and in history». On 16 october the traditional contest for barmans and a «pasta party». On Sunday 17 the final buffet with all the great dishes created by the Val di Sangro cooks.

5 October 1999 - Il Centro

CASOLI - A protected area around the prata ruins with the old tower haunted by ghosts / Un'oasi attorno ai ruderi di Prata - Passa al Comune la vecchia torre dei «fantasmi», by Alberto Savelli
The Tower, just donated to the municipality, is inside a WWF oasis. A fascinating legend tells about five soldiers, the Tower garrison, killed on the Aventino river by highwaymen from Campania, who wanted to hide their treasure, including a real-life gold hen with twelve chicks. Then the bandits were frightened by the soldiers' ghosts and fled away. On full-moon nights they say terrible screams are heard coming from the tower.

5 October 1999 - Il Centro

MANOPPELLO - A pre-Roman sarcophagus is found in the fields at Santa Maria dell'Arabona - two mt long, it weighs 3000 kg - a woman's tomb - the cover is being searched / Il reperto di epoca pre romana trasferito nell'area del Municipio. Lungo due metri, pesa trenta quintali / E tra i campi spunta un sarcofago - Eccezionale ritrovamento a Santa Maria dell'Arabona - Era la tomba di una donna - Ma il coperchio non c'è - by Walter Teti
Licio Pardi, a lawyer from pescara, finds the sarcophagus and alerts the authorities - The sarcophagous is one big rock inside which the place for a body was excavated. Experts say it was intended for a woman and surely had a cover.