27 September 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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27 September 1999 - Il Messaggero

Four Thousand Alpini for the 70th anniversary parade through the Corso in L'Aquila - The archbishop quotes a statement by the Pope on the generosity of the corps / In quattromila hanno sfilato per festeggiare il settantesimo anniversario della sezione «Abruzzi» dell'Ana - Fiume di «penne nere» per il Corso - L'arcivescovo cita il Papa per ricordare la generosità degli alpini - by Alessandro Orsini
So many old Alpini for the 70th anniversary. Archbishop Giuseppe Molinari celebrated a mass in the central square, and the many authorities emphasized the greatness of the celebrated corps in peace actions. Then eating and drinking and taking pictures with the fine cap with the unmistakable black feather.

27 September 1999 - Il Messaggero

Eight bishops from Abruzzo and Molise and entertainers with 3,000 youths to welcome the jubilee cross on its way from Saint Giustino, Chieti, to Palatricalle / Con gli otto vescovi d'Abruzzo e Molise anche personaggi dello spettacolo come Scarlett e Barbara Cola - Una festa per tremila giovani Per la »Croce del giubileo» in corteo da S. Giustino al Palatricalle, by Agnese pellegrini
The Jubilee Cross, that after travelling throughout Italy will be carried back to Rome, was welcomed in Chieti yesterday. Eight bishops took turns to carry it followed by a 2-km-long train of young people. Singer Scarlett, winner of the 1988 Festivalbar and now on a wheelchair, encouraged the youths to live their lives with strength and joy, always going forward in serenity.

27 September 1999 - Il Messaggero

In the Pennapiedimonte area trekkers found thanks to a cellular phone / Nella zona di Pennapiedimonte Escursionisti dispersi sulla Maiella ritrovati grazie al cellulare
Two youths from Guardiagrele, Filippo Di Prinzio, 19 and Giulio Garzarella, 24, both students and expert climbers, when darkness came down decided to stop not to get lost completely. With their cellphone they alerted the Carabinieri in Chieti. By 22.30 rescuers helped them get back home.

27 September 1999 - Il Centro

Roccacasale celebrating grandpa Andrea's 100th birthday / Roccacasale, l'intero paese si è mobilitato per il suo concittadino nato un secolo fa - Festa per i 100 anni di nonno Andrea, by Antonio Ranalli
Andrea Di Giannantonio, born on 25 sept 1899, is the first of Roccacasale's citizens to have reached the century. Everybody was invited to the party offered by the relatives of the lively 100-year-old, the fourth of six children, who was called to the war at the age of 16. In 1926 he married and had six children, four still living. He also fought in WWII in Ethiopia and received a bronze and a gold medal.

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