26 August 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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26 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

Great cartoon producers compete in this Adriatic spot. In a year's time the "Topoliniadi" (Topolino is Mickey Mouse) with seven thousand young athletes. Welcome to Cartoonia. Warner in Montesilvano - Disney lands in Pescara / Le grandi majors si scontrano su questo angolo di Adriatico. Tra un anno le Topoliniadi, con settemila atleti in erba Benvenuti nel regno di Cartoonia. La Warner a Montesilvano? E la Disney sbarca a Pescara - by Sergio D'Agostino
Children's favourites in cinemas with special effects: a Warner Bros/Walt Disney challenge. On 15 september Warner Village will open in Montesilvano a multiplex 15-room complex with 2,500 seats. Then Disney Italia announced the first European "Topoliniadi" may be kept in Pescara in the year 2000. Kids and their parents will be accomodated in the big hotels. Pescara will become the new Cartoonia.

26 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

The Municipality is preparing strategies for the great events: more checks at the entrance of the pedestrians' island. Lucio Dalla will play free of charge for the Perdonanza tomorrow night on San Bernardino's stairs. - by Antonio Di Muzio
Lucio Dalla, songwriter from Bologna, will sing after Lina Sastri's show, probably 4-5 pieces from his latest album "Ciao", to be released this 9 september. It's the fifth time Dalla performs in L'Aquila. All the big events of these days have propted the municipality to tighten the checks at the entrance of the city to avoid traffic jams.

26 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

Balsorano/ The castle, now used as a restaurant and hotel, dates back to 1463 when the king of naples gave the Piccolominis the title of Barons - The symbol of the Valle Roveto now on sale for a 7-digit figure. The Comunità Montana prospective buyer / Il castello, ora ristorante-albergo, risale al 1463 quando il re di Napoli concesse la baronia ai Piccolomini Valle Roveto, simbolo in vendita - La Comunità montana è il probabile acquirente per una cifra miliardaria - by Jole Mariani
The ancient, imposing castle, rising on a plateau above Balsorano, and belonging to an Avezzanese family, is probably for sale. The castle has been used to film movies and recently as a hotel. Famous is the torture chamber and a casket made of human skin. In Civita d'Antino the ancient Ferrante palace has recently been sold and will be transformed into an art and culture museum.

26 August 1999 - Il Centro

CASTELFRENTANO - Prize for dialect poets / Premio per poeti dialettali
The "Di Loreto-Liberati" association and Castelfrentano municipality have organized the XXIV edition of "Eduardo Di Loreto" prize of Abruzzese dialect poetry, with an aim to reinforce this tradition. Prizes will be awarded on 11 September.

26 August 1999 - Il Centro

«Flowered Balcony» - Special prize to Eva Del Castello / «Balcone fiorito» Premio speciale a Eva Del Castello
ROCCARASO. The prize for the First Edition of this very special contest goes to Eva Del Castello, for "the splendid variety and quality of her balcony. Great public interest and many participants have made this first edition rewarding for the organizers, who promise to repeat the appointment next year.

26 August 1999 - Il Centro

Musics from Fellini and Leone's movies at Badia di S.Liberatore tonight / Musiche dei film di Fellini e Leone stasera alla Badia di S.Liberatore
Inauguration tonight at 21.15 of Serramonacesca music and tradition week, with a concert of the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese: Shostakovich's concert no. 1 and five movie musics from Gattopardo, Amarcord, Anonimo veneziano and C'era una volta in America. On Saturday and Sunday an exhibition of craftswork, arts, old photos.