24 August 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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24 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

An Abruzzese swallow's journey: from the Saline river to Central Africa / Il viaggio di una rondine abruzzese: dal Saline fino all'Africa Centrale
4.291 km were made by a young swallow marked with a ring in September 1998 in the area between the Piomba and Saline, and recently captured in the Ngotto forest, Central Africa. In Abruzzo the WWF has marked 2.000 swallows. The area between Pescara e Montesilvano is one of the greatest dormitories for migrating swallows in Italy: in 1998 up to 80,000 swallows slept there in one night in the canewoods.

24 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

THE CASE «But not the last of the century» / IL CASO - «Ma non è l'ultima del secolo»
"Don" Quirino Colangelo, former Chancellor ot the Law Courts in L'Aquila, who was never absent from work for even one day in his 40 years' service, is definite «It's wrong to say 1999 is the last year of the XX century or of the Second Millennium, which will actually end at 24 hours on Sunday, 31 december 2000, therefore 0 hours, Monday 1st January 2001 will mark the beginning of the XXI century and the Third Millennium. These are the rules established by Luigi Giglio in 1582, when the Gregorian Calendary was introduced on mathematical calculations, with cycles of 400 years made of 303 common years and 97 leap years».

24 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

The surgeon-mayor's passion: playing the clarinet in the village band / La passione del sindaco chirurgo: nella banda del paese suona il clarinetto - by Jole Mariani
CIVITELLA ROVETO - Like Woody Allen and Enzo Arbore, Giovanni De Blasis, 49, surgeon in Avezzano hospital, is first clarinet in his village band, which he helped found 25 years ago. My hobby helps me relax while keeping in contact with my people. «I hope our band will grow and attract the younger generations»

24 August 1999 - Il Centro

He buys a whole page to conquer his beloved / Compra un'intera pagina per conquistare l'amata
AVEZZANO. «Fiorella... ti amo». Three words on a whole page of Il Centro: twelve letters and three dots for some million Lire. Impossible to know who he is, but it would be beautiful to discover he is not wealthy, just someone poor but madly in love. «Without a woman's love, life is just a stupid day-in, day-out».

24 August 1999 - Il Centro

Vintage time, less wine, but of better quality - Chardonnay grapes delivered / Vendemmia, meno vino ma di qualità migliore - CONSEGNATI I GRAPPOLI DELL'UVA CHARDONNAY
ORTONA. The 1999 vintage should offer fewer but better grapes. Yesterday Chardonnay for white and champagned wines were delivered, while from 10 September tractors throughout the province will move the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo grapes and in late September the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Some of the grapes were lost in the June and July thunderstorms. Optimism among wine producers, Angelo Baccile from Cantina San Zefferino Caldari and Giancarlo Di Ruscio from Cantina Tollo. Agricultural expert Camillo says production will be less, but the alcohol grade the same and the quality better than last year.

24 August 1999 - Il Centro

Lost property office, an archive of stories - In the hit parade of the railway cell phones, glasses, umbrella, a famous lawyer's reserved phone diary, pets and documents. / Oggetti smarriti, un archivio di storie - Nella hit dell'ufficio delle Fs telefonini, occhiali e ombrelli - Un famoso avvocato ha smarrito un'agenda con numeri riservati Ma c'è chi lascia animali e documenti - by Maria Rosa Tomasello
PESCARA. In the lost property office at the railway station 1000 objects last year, already 600 this year, waiting on a shelf. A plumber's bag, worn trekking shoes, a Jehovah Witness's bag. Mostly cellphones now, that the clerks keep on waiting for someone to call. But 60% of the objects will never be reclaimed. Every evening the newly found objects are given a number. Also an iguana, a dog and a turtle, but the most common things are sweaters, raincoats, umbrellas, sunglasses, keys. Valuables and documents are kept in a safe. The clerks are turned into detectives in an attempt to discover the owner. After three months valuable objects are auctioned in Ancona, the rest is discarded.

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