Barisciano, Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo region The village is situated just below Monte della Selva (1623 m.), in the Southern side of the Gran Sasso group. Imposing in the highest point of the village there are the remains of the medieval castle, guarding the Piana di Navelli on the one side and the road to Gran Sassoon the other. The surrounding countryside is rich in herbs such as thyme, helicrysus and pharmaceutical issopus.
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Altitude: 940 m a.s.l -- Distance from L'Aquila: 19 km -- Population: ca. 1700 inhabitants -- Zip code: 67021 -- Phone Area Code: 0862 -- How to reach it: AA24 Roma-L'Aquila, Exit L'Aquila Est, then S.S.17bis towards Pescara
- bus, trains: from L'Aquila


On the site there was a Roman settlement, as shown by the remains of Via Claudia Nova and nearby Forfona archaeological area. Founded between the fifth and seventh centuries AD, the village expanded absorbing the surrounding "villas", Villa San Basilio, Bariscianello and Santa Maria di Forfona, which were added to the original quarters of San Flaviano and Santa Maria di Serra. In the XIII century Barisciano took part to the foundation of L'Aquila, in 1380 was invaded by Amatrice troops and in 1424 was sieged by Braccio da Montone and surrendered. The village women were taken to L'Aquila with their breasts bare to humiliate them. But the time the ferocious condottiere lost at Barisciano gave the city of L'Aquila the chance to reorganize and finally defeat him.

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  • The Castle
  • the Church of Santissima Trinità
  • XIV-century church of Santa Maria di Capo di Serra
  • The Church of St. Maria di Valleverde

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    August Potato festival, with a traditional donkeyrace ("Palio degli Asini")
    25 November Feast of St. Caterina