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by Vincenzo Battista
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Year I, no. 7 - November 2002
Journey & Journeys (preview)
"Borders are made by those who cross them".(Eric J. Leed)
Viaggio e Viaggi
For the 20 July issue of Journal "In cammino", Vincenzo Battista will present an unusual reading, through texts and pictures, of the essence of the "journey", of migrating, in a word, of man against the wide natural scenarios and his own personal identities, "in the never-ending research of inner emotions" appearing along his paths. Vincenzo Battista, a witness "on the field", gives an interpretation of signs and what is left of a geography and the symbolic landscape, changing within the transhumance(*) culture of Abruzzese shepherds, a rich repertoire of symbols and meanings, layer after layer throughout the centuries.

The staff of Abruzzo2000.com

(*) Transhumance is the seasonal migration of shepherds and their flocks

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