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by Vincenzo Battista
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Year I, no. 6 - Sept. 2002
A reportage for daily paper "IL MESSAGGERO": Offices of L'Aquila, Sulmona and Avezzano.
Places and Encounters
In the September 2002 issue, Ezine "In Cammino" will introduce a series of reportages made by Prof. Vincenzo Battista for the daily paper "Il Messaggero" under the section "Luoghi e Incontri", running periodically from March 28, 2002 in the newspaper. The editing staff of "Il Messaggero" of L'Aquila, under the direction of journalist Angelo De Nicola aims at showing to the readers some anthropological and environmental characters typical of the landscape of inner Abruzzo, particularly of the province of L'Aquila. Texts and images in this far-fetching reportage by Vincenzo Battista disclose everyday customs and values that have always belonged to the culture of the hinterland areas of the Abruzzo region, often unknown to the larger public. In this preview, a reportage is shown on on the procession of Good Friday in Celano, which is a prayer day also for moslems.

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