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Thursday, December 30, 1999 at 21:39:02 (CST)

My grandmother's father and mother both were born, raised and married in Lama dei Peligni. If you have any info on this area or families from here, pls. give me a message.
David M. Eastsi
San Jose

Wednesday, December 29, 1999 at 12:53:24 (CST)

I am looking for ancestors to Cantera, from Ofena, and DeVito. Any info would be greatly appreciated. A wonderful website!
Debra DeVito Chilson
Miami, Florida USA

Wednesday, December 29, 1999 at 09:05:47 (CST)

Love this website! I married a wonderful Italian named Dino Spezza born in Castiglione a Casauria in 1957. He would love to hear from another Spezza or someone from his town.
Laura Spezza
Tustin, CA USA

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 at 21:10:38 (CST)

Like to hear from anyone from Castiglione a Casauria
Toni and Barbara Martino
Toledo, Ohio U.S.OF A

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 at 16:07:20 (CST)

Abruzzesi, there are many of us here in the States, as well as Canada looking for long lost family members. At times, a family name gives us the hope of finding new family members and with that generations past. To facilitate, or better yet, help the Abruzzesi, Italian/American, Italian/Canadian or the Italian immigrant, I created a link:www.ita-usa.com on "Family Origins" handled by the Mormons in Park City, UT. Connect through www.ita-usa.com and click on "Family Origins". Surfing, you'll find "order family history resources" (left hand column) which will bring you to a new menu. Click again on "Research Outlines". This will give you an option to select the State in which you reside; such as, California, New York, etc. Note: beginning with page 6, other Countries are included; such as, Canada, England,Norway, etc. Should you need further help, return to "Family History" and select forms or publications. The records of towns or cities in Italy are obtained from a specific library near you by the Mormans in Park City, UT.
Happy Searching, Gianfranco Gentile (English)
Gianfranco Gentile
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 at 14:20:03 (CST)

Di Abruzzesi all'estero siamo in molti e sempre alla ricerca di membri delle famiglie presenti o passate. Delle volte un cognome in comune ci da' speranze di trovare nuovi parenti e con essi generazioni ormai passate. Per facilitare o meglio aiutare gli Abruzzesi, Italo-Americani, Italo-Canadesi, o gli stessi Italiani all'estero ho creato un linkage dal sito: www.ita-usa.com la "family origins" amministrato dai Mormoni in Park City (UT). Collegatevi tramite il www.ita-usa.com e cliccate sul "family origins" navigando andate sull "order family history resources" (colonna sinistra) che vi dara' un nuovo menu', cliccate di nuovo su "research outlines" il tutto vi dara' l'opzione di selezionare sull vostro stato di residenza (California, New York, ecc....) Nota: iniziando dalla pagina no.6 sono incluse altre Nazioni come Canada', Inghilterra, Norvegia, ecc.... Se avete bisogno di aiuto tornate sull "family history" e selezionate forms oppure publicazioni. I record dei paesi o citta' in Italia saranno ottenuti dalla specificata libreria del vostro stato di residenza. Buone ricerche, Gianfranco Gentile (Italiano)
Gianfranco Gentile
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Monday, December 27, 1999 at 15:05:11 (CST)

Salve or Hi to all of you; I am not lookink for anyone, I just want to wish a bountiful 2000 to the whole world, And, by the way, although I am a proud Canadian, but I was born in the City of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy; If anyone is curious or knows me, write me an e-mail and lets talk:
fearlessly Canadian Yes, Proud Italian and of my Italianity, Always.
D'Amato Tony
Maple, Ontario CANADA

Monday, December 27, 1999 at 05:46:16 (CST)

I was born in Lettomanoppello P. Pescara and i want to say hello to all the Abruzzesi in the world.
Antonio D'Alfonso
Massachusetts U.S.A.

Sunday, December 26, 1999 at 17:12:13 (CST)

Hello, I'm looking for some information on my ancestors who live and lived in Pescara-Abruzzo (abbateggio). Any info?
Debora De Thomasis
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Saturday, December 25, 1999 at 15:44:46 (CST)

I want to say that this is a great website!!! I'm a very young (20 yr. old) first generation Italian who has been trying to adjust my father, Rocco D'Angelo, to the idea of the internet. I have been surfing the web with him since the holiday started and this is one of the few that he has enjoyed going through. My father is from Roccamorice in Pescara and was very delighted to see not only his father's (Franceso Antonio D'Angelo)name, but also his mother's (Maria Concietta D'Alimonte)along with many other family names are still in Roccomorice. He and I are welcoming any and all information or correspondence from people who are ancestors of and/or from the Roccamorice area and could tell us anything about our family--the D'Angelo's and the D'Alimonte's. He was very impressed to see the information on the website and is anxious to learn more about computers and websites, so anything you can send to us would be wonderful. We have visited another site on Roccamorice and La Lutte (www.geocities.com/Heartland/Trail/3860) that may be of interest to some. It is also an excellent site and has plenty of pictures, old and new, of Roccamorice, La Lutte and other surrounding towns along with information on festivities and traditions. Like I said, any information on Roccamorice and our family would be greatly appreciatied. Grazie and Buon Natale!!!
Nicole (Nicoletta) M. D'Angelo
Tallahassee, Florida USA

Friday, December 24, 1999 at 16:36:28 (CST)

This is a great site - My mother in law's family is TECCA and TROMBETTA from Pettorano Sul Gizio, Abruzzo - I am looking for her family for a present for her.
Her nephew went there and found some cousins, It would be nice for them to write - EMAIL her.. This site has shown her what a beautiful place it is.
Happy New Year
Deborah Fotopoulos
Missoula, Montana USA

Friday, December 24, 1999 at 09:20:01 (CST)

This is a beautiful web page. I was able to see and read about the city in which my father had been born. Also the region from which my grandparents had emigrated.
Edward A. Ianni
Chesapeake, Virginia United States

Thursday, December 23, 1999 at 11:18:52 (CST)

My Grandfather,Francesco Paolo Tocco was born in Palena in 1885. He emigrated with his parents,Antonio & Bambinella Tocco to the USA in 1887. They settled in Yonkers NY. Looking for any Tocco's from Palena. Other family name is Muscente from Palena. Cousins by marriage. Planning a trip to Palena in summer 2000.
Francis Tocco
Ballston Lake, NY USA

Monday, December 20, 1999 at 21:18:34 (CST)

My Father's side of the family are from Monteferrante. I love the web site. I have 8 brothers and one sister. One of my brothers is working on our family tree. My grandmothers maiden name was Sulmonetti. I am very proud to be Italiano and wish I could speak the language ogni giorno. Keep up the great work and can't wait to get back to Abruzzo. Buon Natale!
Peter DiFabio
Madisonville, Ky USA

Friday, December 17, 1999 at 10:51:27 (CST)

I would like to wish a very dear and lost friend of mine a very merry christmas. Dear Sabrina it has been a long time since we spoke and saw each other. I hope that you get to read this message and hope that i can get back in touch with you. I think about you all the time and even thought we are worlds apart you will always have a special place in my heart.I am not sure if you are still in Sulmona. I have been trying to find you throught the web directory with no success, so i figure i give this a try.I hope that all is well you personally and professionally. I would love to hear your voice if possible. Cara Sabrina,spero che tu o qualcuno che ti conosce leggera questo messaggio e te lo fara sapere. Il mio numero di telefono e' 602 744 3222. I hope all of your family is doing well. Hope to hear from you. Best wishes for this holiday season.
You're always in heart, your friend
frank rizzo
phoenix, az usa

Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 12:29:57 (CST)

Hi! I Wish a Merry Cristmas Filled with Happiness and a Bountiful New Year, To all of you, readers and organize of this guestbook, Specially to all who has its origins or is from Villa S. Giovanni di Rosciano, Prov. Of Pescara Italy: Ciao, Bye, Au revoir:
D'Amato (Tony) Antonio
Maple, Ontario CANADA

Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 15:49:00 (CST)

Looking for anybody who was from Palena, who could help me find relatives that live in the Vicinity of Rome. The name is Deritis and they were originally from Palena. They lfet Palena after World War II.
Joe Ascenzo
Livingston, New Jersey USA

Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 00:59:04 (CST)

Complimenti per l'ottimo lavoro che state facendo. Auguri per le prossime feste a voi e a tutti gli italiani sparsi per il mondo. Tony Stanziani
Tony Stanziani

Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 19:43:22 (CST)

We are in the Niagara area. Noi siamo vicini a Niagara Falls.
Livio Lancione

Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 19:38:09 (CST)

Very interesting web site. My ancestors were from Pratola and Pescara. We visited relatives in San Benedetto Dei Marsi in September. Beautiful. Then on to Pescara absolutely beautiful
Mary Joan (Palanza) Todesco

Saturday, December 11, 1999 at 21:00:58 (CST)

A tutti i Palenesi e Abruzzesi sparsi nel mondo i piu` cordiali e sinceri auguri di buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo.
Antonio & Mary Di Fiore
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Friday, December 10, 1999 at 18:37:36 (CST)

My parents came form Italy. Mom's name was Amelia Bomerato and Dad was Ralph Buzzelli. She was from Roccapia and he was from Castel DiSangro. I heard we have relations named Maurizio Buzzelli there. Do you know anything.
Betty Castellucci
Malvern, Oh. U.S.A.

Friday, December 10, 1999 at 10:16:20 (CST)

I am trying to locate relatives of Erminio IACOBUCCI, born 1891 in Pratola Peligna (parents Emidio IACOBUCCI -- from Castel di Sangro -- and Maria Domenica Leombruni), and Sofia PRESUTTI, born in Pratola Peligna (parents Vincenzo PRESUTTI and Maria ZAVARELLA). Please contact me. Ciao!
Carolyne L. Reeves
Madison, Alabama USA

Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 08:12:37 (CST)

My father came from Abruzzi to the USA in 1912. I still have family there. Have been there. LOVELY!!
Bernard E Speranza
Munster, Indiana lake

Tuesday, December 07, 1999 at 11:51:28 (CST)

Looking for the names of Pellegrini and D'Abbenigno from Villa Santa Maria, Chieti, Italy.
Joanne Pellegrini Donato
Bayonne, New Jersey United States

Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 21:46:13 (CST)

Was searching for info about my last name Palanza. Great web site!!!
Dennis Palanza
Atlanta, Ga USA

Saturday, December 04, 1999 at 03:55:58 (CST)

hi i'm an abruzzese student and i'm looking for someone who has travelled in abruzzo if can send me his impression on tourism organization of our region and what he has been impressed most in positive of Abruzzo concerning places and people met
ortona a mare, italy

Thursday, December 02, 1999 at 13:48:10 (CST)

My name is Nicholas Iacoviello. My Grand fathers name is michaelangelo iacoviello my grand mother is rafiella iacoviello if anyone has information would you please contact me at nicola108 at aol-dot-com thank you!!!!
nicholas iacoviello
houston, texas u.s.a.

Thursday, December 02, 1999 at 10:53:25 (CST)

Hi, Both of mother's parents are from Arielli and I hope someday I will be able to visit Arielli. Since I am working on my family tree
Berta Mellgren
Norwood, MA

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