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Tue, Dec 25, 2012

My grandfather, Venanzio Lombardi, left Tocco in 1902 and settled in Philadelphia, PA. His wife, Antonia di Battista, came with their three kids about 5 years later. They were Giovanni, Eufemia, and Augustino. Alfredo, Eugenio, and Maria (Mom) were born in Philly. My first cousin, Antoinette Gallo, says they had a home in Tocco where St. Joseph's Orphanage now stands. Sure would be fun to go visit the old place. Grandpop's brother, Silvio (I think) moved to Toronto and established a large family there. We've lost all contact. One of my cousins in Toronto was a monsignor, Massimo Lombardi.
Raymond Croissant
Edina, MN

Fri, Dec 28, 2012

My grandfather: Petro G. Vallese was born in Sante Omera, immigrated to the united states as a teen, anyone knowing of any remaining relitives in this region would like to hear from.
cynthia vallese
binghamton, n.y.