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Aug 31

Hello to all. I am looking for family of the Roberti which come from the area around Barcon, Triste,Italy, 1900's. While searching for documents I have came to realise their are two diffrent name, one is Guiseppe Roberti,(Marriage cerificate) and a another Antonio Roberti ( death cerificate)unsure which is right.. who married a Amelia Martini. while Angelo Roberti came to Australia in 1st July 1927 leaving the port Genoa on the boat Caprera. We were also told he had another brother who went to another country (it was say america). If you can help it would be great. Thank you!

Aug 24

Subject: Raffaella Cieri, Guiseppe Trotta -- I am trying to locate maternal family roots in Villa Celiera, or Civitella Casanova. Great Grandmother was a school teacher in Celiera or Civitella Casanova, Italy. I believe I still have relatives there. There was a Great Uncle, Ulderico Trotta who died of a head wound at a very early age. There are two Great Aunts who probably have children or Grandchildren who continue to live in Abruzzo. Gilda and Mafalda. There maiden names would have been Trotta. Of course, this all occurred in the late 1890's and forward. Any information would be kindly appreciated.
Michele Shriver

Aug 20

I am trying to make a family tree on my paternal side. My grandparents were Dominic Vittori (Victorio) and Josephine Olivieri from Controguerra, Abruzzo, Italy.
Joanne Victoria
Metairie, Louisiana

Aug 19

Looking for relatives in Sulmona... father visited his uncles and cousins in WWII... there must be relatives in the area.... please contact me... Looking for Mastrangelo, Mastrangioli, Verrochi, D'Antunio, Presutti, Mighetti..... thank you
Janet Mastrangelo-Dane
Rockland United States

Aug 10

Looking for families d'ascenzo / donatelli from Ateleta. Possibly settling in Pittsburgh

Aug 3

I'm looking to see where my Grandmother comes from and her family.
Ezelina La Penna
Tocco Casauria Italy

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